Training Philosphy

Detection Dogs USA LLC is a K-9 development and service company focused on the delivery of the world’s leading K-9 resources for Law Enforcement, Security and Personal protection.

Our goal is to deliver quality K-9’s trained and ready to work from DAY ONE to the exacting specifications of our clients.  

Detection Dogs USA LLC is built on knowledge and experience of its principal owner Rick Shilling.  With over a decade of experience training detection K-9’s for Search and Rescue work in North America, Mr. Shilling has had the pleasure of certifying K-9’s for Wilderness, Urban and Disaster work in the Northeastern United States of America.  Detection K-9’s become certified in live victim and HRD detection in all disciplines listed above.  As an integral member of Disaster and Wilderness Ground Searchers Inc. of Connecticut USA, Mr. Shilling and his K-9 partners have participated in searches throughout New York, Connecticut, and other states in the Northeast.  Mr. Shilling remains an active member of the New York Federation of Search and Rescue teams as well as a board member and K-9 handler of Disaster and Wilderness Ground Searchers Inc.  Mr. Shilling maintains a close working relationship and training partnerships with law Enforcement agencies, corporate and personal security firms, K-9 handlers and detection dog development training companies.  Detection Dogs USA LLC has the resources and personnel to become your detection and patrol K-9 source and resource if required.Mr. Shilling boasts a military background as an officer in the US Naval Reserve and has managed and built several Maritime industry companies in both ship repair and commercial diving.


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