PTSD Service K-9’s

Returning home to a normal life after experiencing the worst of humanity during war is a challenging and is sometimes impossible for even the strongest veteran.  Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a mental health condition that’s triggered by a horrific or terrifying  event.  This event can either be directly experienced or witnessed.  Either way the results are the same with symptoms that may include flashbacks, nightmares and severe anxiety, as well as uncontrollable thoughts about the event.  It has been clinically proven that K-9s can bring stability to people affected by this health condition and return them to a state of normalcy.

Giving back to those who have sacrificed everything is the least we can do at Detection Dogs USA LLC.  Our veterans allow us to live in a safe and free country and we at DDUSA cannot thank our veterans enough for the sacrifices they have made for our way of life.  We as a company want to show our appreciation and want to make a difference in a Veterans Life.

We are pleased to offer a PTSD service dog program. We provide low cost PTSD service K-9’s fully trained and ready for duty.  As with all Service K-9’s it starts with the right K-9 with the correct instinct and character.  This K-9 is then trained and given a positive experience in the an environment consistent with our veteran’s life.  We then train the K-9 to react instinctively to the needs of our client by sensing their anxiety and focusing the K-9’s handler on to the K-9 to deflect the anxiety and return the handler to a stable state of normalcy.

Providing these advanced K-9s requires countless hours of training in obedience, socialization and handler focus.  DDUSA and its partners are committed to our veterans and we donate hundreds of hours to train these K-9s for the cause.  Please work with us to support our veterans by supporting them with covering some of our costs in the training and delivery of these K-9s to our war heros.  Help us cover the remaining costs needed to deliver these specialized K-9’s to our veterans.

Please contact us with your financial commitment for our Veteran PTSD Service Dog program.

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