Detection Dogs USA LLC- Welcomes K-9 Odin (DDUSA-Ronin-002-012015)

SONY DSCDetection Dogs USA LLC is pleased to announce that K-9 Odin, as a certified air scenting Search and Rescue K-9, is part of the Detection Dogs USA LLC team. K-9 Odin comes from excellent working lines as he was originally bred by Guiding Eyes for the Blind in Patterson NY.  But was released from Guide Dog duty at 10 weeks due to his strong drive toward nose work.  K-9 Odin was trained and is certified with his handler, the principal owner of Detection Dogs USA LLC as an air scenting K-9 Search and Rescue team in the states of Connecticut and New York.  K-9 Odin will continue his training with Detection Dogs USA LLC and become certified in Cadaver and Human Remain Detection as well as support the K-9 Patrol team by detecting fire arms and ammunition.   K-9 Odin is a recall-refind wilderness and urban search K-9 with experience in all types of Search and Rescue missions; including building search.  K-9 Odin is available for hire through Detection Dogs USA LLC or can be deployed Free of charege as a certified K-9 resource to Law Enforcement or any other local authority (Fire Departments, Emergency Management Offices).  K-9 Odin will deploy together with his colleagues, a professional K-9 Search and Rescue team, Disaster and Wilderness Ground Searchers Inc.  Information and deployment instructions on Disaster and Wilderness Ground Searchers Inc. can be found on their web site:  We look forward to showing you the expertise of K-9 Odin in the near future and please feel free to see him demonstrating his capabilities in our video library.

Detection Dogs USA LLC- Welcomes K-9 Chika (DDUSA-Ronin-001-012015)

IMG_6608Detection Dogs USA LLC is pleased to announce that K-9 Chika is now in training at Ronin Dog Training in The Netherlands.  Chika van Romantos Hoeve (as she is officially known) is a perfect working line German Shepherd female being trained in Patrol and Detection work.  With exceptional confirmation and the right drive and instincts to perform patrol and detection work, K-9 Chika is a shining example of what Ronin Dog Training want to deliver to the Security and Law Enforcement markets in the United States of America.  As she develops her skills and strengthens her drive, we shall post videos of her progress highlighting our proven training process that builds a strong confident work ethic through the K-9’s instinct and drive.  K-9 Chika will be coming to the United States of America in the late fall or early winter as our ambassador K-9 that will demonstrate our ability to deliver driven working K-9’s that will perform in all scenarios.  We are excited to announce our first of many K-9’s who are entering our working K-9 development program.   We look forward to introducing Chika to the Security and Law Enforcement industries in the USA!